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December 9, 2010
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"Wh-what are you talking about? Len… he doesn't… he couldn't…"
"Face the facts, Kaito. Why do you think his unconscious self keeps calling you 'Kaito-kun'? Does he use that honorific on Gakupo, too?"
"N-no, but… I mean, how do you know? Has he ever… told you that?" Kaito struggled to counter.
"No…" Rin admitted. "But it's pretty obvious. It's always Kaito this and Kaito that. And now this…"
Kaito sighed, accepting the facts. "Why are you telling me this anyway?" he asked, knowing perfectly well why she had told him.
Rin sighed as well. Kaito was being so slow. "That's why we keep apologizing. Because we know that you feel the same way about him."
"I-I do not!" Kaito objected.
Rin didn't reply, and Kaito imagined her rolling her eyes.
"O-okay, well… maybe I do… if only a little…" Kaito mumbled.
"I'm coming home." Rin said, changing the subject, much to Kaito's relief. "Gumi and I are getting on a plane in a few hours, so we should be home tomorrow morning. This vacation… it isn't helping. It just makes me worry about him even more…"
"O-okay, well… we'll see you then, I guess. Do you need a ride from the airport?"
"Naw, Miku's giving us a ride over. She wants to see Len, too."
"And Kaito?"
"Yeah?" Kaito asked with a shaky voice.
"When Len gets better… at least consider talking to him about… you know…"
"I-I'll think about it."
The line went dead.
Kaito sighed, taking a seat next to Gakupo and setting the phone in his lap. He stared at Len with blank eyes.
"Did she tell you?" Gakupo asked.
Kaito nodded, never shifting his gaze from the sick boy. "I… Just can't believe… he…"
"I thought you'd already noticed."
Kaito shook his head, reluctantly turning towards Gakupo. "How long have you known?"
The purple haired boy shrugged. "A while. I mean… it's just the way he looks at you, Kaito. The way he says your name… The way he smiles whenever you compliment him on a song… just the little things, you know?"
Kaito blinked. "How come you could notice all that when… when I couldn't?"
Gakupo chuckled. "It's kind of funny how it always works out that way, don't you think?"
Kaito blinked a few more times in confusion. "What do you mean?"
Gakupo grinned a devious kind of grin. "It always seems that the two lovers in any story are oblivious to the others' feelings towards them."
Kaito looked away to hide his red face.
"What, no objections?" Gakupo asked with another small laugh. "Rin really worked her magic on you, hmm?"
"I… I just… I wish I'd known sooner…" Kaito murmured. "What… what if Len was right and he… what if he never wakes up again?"
Gakupo's smile faded. "Kaito, he… he'll be okay…"
"Everyone keeps saying that!" Kaito said in a scorned voice. "'He'll be okay. Len won't die.' But… how can we know that for sure?…" Kaito finished in a whisper, shifting his gaze back to Len.
Gakupo sighed, following Kaito's gaze. "I guess… I guess we can't know for sure…"
The two older boys started at Len for quite some time, the wall clock slowing ticking away as seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to an hour.
Gakupo broke the silence. "Well, I'm headed to bed. It's getting pretty late. You staying out here with him?"
Kaito nodded. "I… I need to. In case he wakes up again."
"Alright, then. See you in the morning." Gakupo yawned, grabbing the phone from Kaito's lap on his way to bed. "Oh by the way," he added, pointing to the now cold bowl of instant ramen sitting next to Len's bed. "I don't suppose you plan on eating that?"
Kaito managed a half grin. "No, probably not. I'll dump it when I go to bed."
Gakupo nodded, disappearing into the kitchen and into the bedroom beyond that.
Kaito returned to Len, watching him for several hours until his eyes became heavy and he fell asleep in his chair.

When Len next awoke, the living room of his friends' apartment was mostly black, the only light emitting from the kitchen. Gakupo made sure to always leave a light on in there in case he craved a midnight snack, which he commonly did.
Len blinked a few times, making sure this was real life and not just a dream, as well as struggling to remember what he was doing away from his and Rin's own apartment. But then his gaze shifted to the figure seated in front of him.
"K-Kaito?" Len murmured weakly, recognizing the sleeping figure of his blue haired friend. And that's when he remembered: he was sick. Horribly sick. Len's heartbeat started to increase as he remembered his conversation with Kaito earlier in the day and a vague memory of a phone call from his sister.
He… he stayed with me…Len realized, coughing a few times. Maybe… maybe he does care…
Len smiled, closing his eyes from the fatigue that often came with terrible illnesses. "Thank you… Kaito-kun…" he murmured softly, feeling sleep overcome him once more as his dream world rushed to meet him.

"Kaito! Kaito, wake up!"
Kaito awoke in a very confused state the next morning. He was in the living room, his arm being shaken by none other than Len himself, which seemed utterly impossibly, especially to a half-asleep Kaito. Surely, Kaito must be dreaming. Len couldn't have enough strength to sit up, let alone shake Kaito awake… could he? Kaito shook his head to clear away the sleep. His surroundings seemed real enough…
Len grinned as his friend awoke, but the smile faded quickly, being replaced by a frown after a round of wrenching coughs.
"Hey, you okay?" Kaito asked as a reflex, patting Len on the back.
"Y-yeah…" Len answered in a shaky voice.
Kaito blinked a few times, still kind of confused. "Wait… what are you doing up? How can you be… so healthy right now?"
Len shrugged, wincing a bit as the action gave him a headache. "I'd say it's a miracle, but I'm not better, Kaito. Still sick."
"Yeah but you're… you're a lot better than how you were yesterday…"
Len shrugged, coughing some more. "Maybe a good night's rest did it. I don't know."
Kaito grinned, glad that Len was starting to feel better no matter what the cause.
Len returned the smile, and the two just sat there, staring into the other's eyes for several minutes before Kaito spoke again. "So, uhh… did you need something?"
Len blinked a few times, trying to remember why he had woken up his friend in the first place. "Oh, yeah. I heard the phone ringing, but when I tried to get up to answer it, my legs gave in."
Kaito nodded. "It was probably your sister. Wait right here." Kaito got up and stretched before jogging into the kitchen to check the answering machine.
"Yeah, because I was totally going to follow you." Len replied sarcastically as Kaito left the room.
Kaito didn't reply, pressing a few buttons on the phone to check for messages. The machine was empty, but the phone's caller ID indicated that Rin's cell phone had called roughly five minutes ago. Kaito plucked the phone from the receiver and started dialing Rin's number as he walked back into the living room.
Rin answered after only two rings. "Kaito?"
"Yeah. You called?"
"Yeah, we're on our way. We should be there in about fifteen minutes."
"Okay, see you then." Kaito was about to hang up, eager to return to Len, but Rin spoke again before he got the chance.
"Wait. Is Len up?"
"Oh, yeah. And… he's actually recovered quite a lot."
"Really?" Rin asked excitedly.
"Yeah, here he is." Kaito said smiling, handing the phone to Len.
"Is it Rin?" he mouthed.
Kaito answered with a nod, and the younger boy pressed the phone to his ear. "Hello?"
"Len? Is… is that you?" asked Rin.
A huge grin spread across the male twin's face at the sound of his sister's voice. "Yeah, it's me."
"How… how are you feeling?"
"A lot better, actually. I'm coughing a lot less. I'm still getting migraines, but…" he trailed off to cough a bit. "Well that was a little contradictory, but… I think I'm finally getting better."
"Len… I-I'm so glad…" Len heard his sister sniffle a few times. "I'll see you soon. Gumi and I will be there in like, fifteen minutes."
Len blinked. "You're coming home?"
"Y-yeah, I… I just needed to see you…"
"W-well anyways, I'll see you in a little bit."
"Okay, see you…" Len murmured.
"Mhh… See you…" Rin mimicked, hanging up shortly afterwards.
Len let the phone fall to the bed beside him. "She… I upset her… didn't I?"
Kaito sighed, sitting next to him on the bed. "Yeah, but… it wasn't your fault."
"I know, but…" Len sighed as well, coughing a bit and then resting his head on Kaito's shoulder. "I still fell like I'm to blame. Everyone… I upset you guys because I'm sick… Kaito… I-I'm so sorry… I… I feel so bad with everyone worrying about me so much…" Len trailed off and Kaito felt a few warm tears fall onto his shoulder.
Kaito embraced the younger boy in a tight hug, bringing him even closer to him. "Len… it's fine, really. You're not to blame. I'm… I'm just glad you're alright."
"K-Kaito-kun…" Len slipped. "Err- I-I mean-"
"Len, it's fine." Kaito cut him off, grabbing the boy's shoulders so he could shift the boy's position to face him. Len's gaze was faced away from him and the boy's cheeks were tinted pink in the beginnings of a blush. "Kaito, I…"
"Len, I know. Rin told me." Kaito murmured.
Len's eyes darted up to meet Kaito's. They were wide with nerves. "O-oh… sh-she did?"
Kaito nodded.
Len eyes swelled with more tears. "I'm sorry…"
Kaito pulled Len in for another hug. "No, Len. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I… I'm sorry I never told you how… how I felt."
Len smiled, wiping away his tears and returning the embrace. "It's… It's fine. I'm sorry I never told you either."
"Len?" Kaito murmured.
"Yeah?" Len whispered back.
"I… I love you."
"Kaito-kun… I… I love you, too…"

Rin crossed her arms, heaving a sigh as minutes went by with no one answering the door.
"Maybe they're asleep?" Gumi offered.
Rin shook her head. "Why would they be? I talked to them less than twenty minutes ago. Someone should be awake.
"Well maybe they all fell asleep again. Stranger things have happened." Miku said, stepping around them, carefully tracing her fingers along the top of the doorframe. After a moment or two, she pulled out a key and handed it to Rin. "Here."
Rin nodded, taking a deep breath and inserted the key in the lock, turned, and opened the door.
"Oh…" she gasped, dropping the key at the sight of the scene that awaited them in the living room.
"What is it? What is it?" Gumi asked eagerly, pushing her way around Rin, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw what the blonde had been looking at. "Aww…" she mused.
There, on the bed on the far side of the living room, were Kaito and Len. The two boys were laying side by side, hand in hand, smiles spread casually across their sleeping faces.
"He told him…" Rin murmured, taking a few steps towards them. "Kaito… he actually told him…"
First: [link]
Previous: [link]
Next: This is the last one D: Sorryyyy. I may write a side story later, but this is the end of the main plot :I

AND END <3 I know it's like, really stupid and soap operaish but... you know xD Oh btw don't you just love how the chapters keep getting longer and longer? xD
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